New Book ‘Pretty Rich’ by Ping Wins to be Published May 5, 2017

Pretty Rich Romance ©2017 by Ping Wins and Jason P Doherty.jpg.jpgHi Everyone, I’m publishing a new book titled Pretty Rich under my pen name Ping Wins coming up on May 5, 2017, Cinco De Mayo.

This will be the first proper book by Ping Wins. I published another book under this name last year, but have withdrawn that title, as it just wasn’t really what I wanted to do with Ping. But this new book, Pretty Rich, it is a small town romance between a rich woman from out-of-town and a mechanic from in-town. The main character’s names are Rose and Sam.

Rose has a lot of rich girl problems, like a bad relationship with her mother, who controls all the money.

Sam has very few small town problems, but one of them is his solitary lifestyle. He doesn’t really trust relationships, and keeps to himself, to the detriment of his own loneliness.

When Rose’s expensive car breaks down in the town of Arrowhead, Oklahoma, where Sam is the resident mechanic, the two meet and Rose decides to delay her return home. Back home, Rose’s mother, Cascia, is not happy at all that her ritzy daughter is getting mixed up with some mechanic from the middle of nowhere.

Will Rose be able to get over her preconceptions about Sam? Will Sam embrace or reject his own attraction to Rose? This might be the beginning of a small town romance series set in the fictional town of Arrowhead, Oklahoma.

Available on Amazon Kindle May 5, 2017.

Books to Read This Week! Author’s Pick

Hey there readers, I’m really happy with how the launch for my new book Magnify and Multiply is going. I’m getting some great reviews, keyword rankings and also boughts populated, which will help with continued sales over the long term, so thank you to everyone who’s checked out the book, downloading, reviewing and encouraging me so much!

Now that my book is doing it’s thing, I want to help push eyes towards some other books that I think are incredibly helpful in getting the word out about your words! So this week, I’ll be focusing a few posts on other people’s books about writing and publishing.

Successful Self Publishing

I’ve probably mentioned before that I am a big fan of Joanna Penn of the Creative Penn, but I don’t think I’ve featured one of her books yet. This one, Successful Self-Publishing is kind of a classic of the Amazon Era in the Self-Publishing genre. Joanna is an author, international speaker and entrepreneur based in Bath, England.

This book includes, (from the amazon description):
– What you need to know before you self-publish
– Why self-publishing an ebook is a good idea
– How to format an ebook
– Exclusivity and going direct
– How to self-publish an ebook
– Why self-publish a print book
– Print-on-demand will change your life
– What you need to know before you print
– How to self-publish a print book
– What to do if you want help with the publishing process
– After self-publishing
– How much does it cost to self-publish?
– How do you get paid when you self-publish?
– Book marketing principles
– How to market fiction
– How to market non-fiction
Plus, links to more useful resources.

If you’re reading this, and ready to write a book, (or another one) do check out Joanna’s book. It will make a huge difference for you if you are just starting out, and if you are a little seasoned, there are plenty of takeaways that you can use to increase your already budding success with writing and publishing. It’s free.




Sunday Freebie Magnify And Multiply Writers Handbook

Magnify and Multiply the Beginning Authors Handbook will be free for one more day Sunday, March 12. Read this if you are ready to write a book.

Hey Authors, go ahead and pick up Magnify And Multiply if you are ready to write a book. This is the best guide for putting together your book, publishing it in the right places and the right ways, and making sure that people know your book exists and have reasons to be interested in it.

Magnify And Multiply book by Jason P Doherty
Magnify and Multiply by Jason P Doherty

Weekend Launch Results and Book Review of Holy Grail of Book Launching

First of all, thank you to everyone who participated in the Magnify And Multiply book launch over the past weekend. We had a total of 115 downloads, which took us up to #2 in the Education ebook charts on Amazon. This is a big win, so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who downloaded the book, and extra thanks to the readers who are racking up those page reads, thanks!

holyI also wanted to take the time to recommend this other book to you: It’s called The Holy Grail of Book Launching.

This book is great. It helped me out during my launch over the weekend, and will help me out even more with the next book (I was halfway through my launch strategy when I picked up this book) But I am so glad that I picked it up. It is a complete primer for epople who are ready to launch a book with successful results.

One of the great big takeaways from this book is the creation of Book Funnels, which is something that I had not done in the past, but will definetly be doing in the future to help reach hundreds or even thousands of readers at the moment my book launches. And these are targeted readers, people who have literally asked for more information about my book and books like mine.. So I highly recommend getting into this book for more information and helpful insights into how to truly mount a successful book launch. Get it here.

Last Day to Get it Free! The Beginning Authors Handbook, Magnify And Multiply is FREE on Kindle until Midnight


Dear Writers, I have written this book for you and to help reach and help as many people as possible, I’m doing a great free promotion with Amazon.

If you’ve already downloaded the book, thanks! If not, there’s still time. Here’s the link:
Beginning Authors Handbook
And please remember to post a review if you can, it is so important to my book’s success. Thank you!

Beginning Authors Handbook Launch and Giveaway! Writing, Publishing and Marketing for New Authors

Magnify And Multiply book by Jason P Doherty
Magnify and Multiply by Jason P Doherty

Hey Beginning Authors and blog readers, today is the day that I launch my Beginning Authors Handbook – Magnify and Multiply!  This is the book that I have written expressly for writers who are ready to take themselves and their craft to the next level and become published indie authors.

To help as many people as possible, I am giving the book away for free to everyone who joins the Beginning Authors Mailing LIst.

I care a lot about both readers and writers. Helping to create more successful and talented authors and book creators makes the world a better – and more interesting place. With that in mind, I have written this book. It’s a ringer for people who want to write better books, publish them effectively, and market them successfully.

When you are a writer, it is important to learn as much as you can about your craft. I learned a lot while writing this book, so I am confident that the same will go for the beginning writers and authors who read it.

Thanks for checking out the book, and here’s to you: Happy Writing!


This book on Amazon: Magnify And Multiply (Free on Sundays in March)

This book for free with Mailing List Signup: Beginning Authors Signup

Dear Writers, I Wrote This Book for You! FREE this Sunday on Kindle! The Beginning Authors Handbook.

magnifyandmultiplyjasonpdoherty2017I’m really excited to be able to offer you this great book FREE this Sunday March 5th! Anyone wanting to write their first book needs this book. I’ve distilled my ten years of publishing experience into 133 pages of detailed tutorials and studies that will reveal how to write and publish your own books, and completely demystify marketing by showing you the basics of how advertising, publicity and sales all work. You will benefit from this book, and it’s FREE this Sunday!

This book is for ambitious writers. Magnify And Multiply is a priceless resource of ideas and methods for new and aspiring authors. Fans of Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual, Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich, and Tom Corson-Knowles Kindle Publishing Bible will love this book. Easy to read book for beginning authors and entrepreneurs, turn your passion into a profitable business.
Magnify And Multiply is a complete primer for beginning authors. You will learn about:
  • Deciding what to write.
  • How to write your book.
  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • How to create a Great Title
  • How to get a great cover made for $20 or less.
You will also learn about publishing on three different platforms, and why you should:
  • Publishing with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing aka KDP
  • Publishing promotional hardbacks with Lulu
  • Producing and publishing Audible audiobooks with Audiobook Creation Exchange aka ACX
And finally, you will learn the tools of success, including:
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Publicity
  • Advertising
When you follow these methods, you will empower yourself to create fantastic books (that could become bestsellers), increase your income according to your new business plan, and free yourself from the need to work for someone else.
If you want to write, publish, and launch your work to success, grab this book!