Anita Buckman Published! I Love To Sing is a book 80 years in the making…

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Anita Ritchhart Buckman is published with I Love To Sing, her collection of poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

Congratulations, Anita!

Great book!

100 page paperback. $7

Skiatook Writers And Poets Pioneer Day 2018

_Pioneer Day 1

This is Katie V. A. Holcomb early morning Pioneer Day with my Gold Eye painting in the background. Ping Wins is on the table, across from the red Royal Cursive typewriter my mom gave me. Parade squad getting ready in the farground.

_Pioneer Day 3

Doherty clan: Jason P Doherty, Alicia Doherty, Damien Doherty, Shawn A Doherty, Gabriel P Doherty.

_Pioneer Day 2

Writers And Poets: Jason P Doherty, April White, Anna Jefferson, Lee Smith.

_Pioneer Day 9

Jason P Doherty, Kathy H Windmiller, Katie Holland.

SWAP Anthology 2018 at Pioneer Day

Thank you to everyone who made Pioneer Day 2018 such a fun and awesome success! Special thanks to the Skiatook Journal, Skiatook Chamber of Commerce and Skiatook Public Library. You make SWAP possible, thank you! Thank you to all the readers and writers who bring meaning to SWAP. Have a bunch of wonderful days!

Skiatook Writers And Poets Anthology 2018 Paperback (26 Local Authors, 163 Pages)

Released at Skiatook Pioneer Days Festival Sep 15, 2018. If you are from Skiatook, you probably know some of these authors!

The Authors: Phillip Boswell Anita Buckman Sean Thomas Canavan Damien Doherty Jason P Doherty Emmet Douglas Thomas Eschbach (Author and Artist) Patricia Fisher Brandon Gaffney Martha Stone Graham Barbara Griffith Scott A Hayes Katie V. A. Holcomb Dan Holt (Artist) Anna Marie Jefferson Donna Laughlin Stephanie Lockhart Pamela McCray Gabrielle Robinson Linda Seely Lee Smith April White Cheston Williams Kathy Windmiller And The Old Man

Every city needs a writers club. Skiatook has one. It’s called Skiatook Writers And Poets, and our group meets every month at the Skiatook Public Library. The poems, stories, and accounts in this book were written by our members, past and present.

When S.W.A.P. first started, the goal was to bring together and build a community of writers from all walks of life. This continues to be the mission of S.W.A.P., as well as giving local writers opportunities to have their work published in books like this. This anthology of poetry, fiction, and non-fiction was compiled from submissions collected during 2017 and 2018. Hope you love the book.

Copyright ©2018 Skiatook Writers And Poets: Phillip Boswell, Anita Buckman, Sean Thomas Canavan, Damien Doherty, Jason P Doherty, Shawn A Doherty, Emmet Douglas, Thomas Eschbach, Patricia Fisher, Brandon Gaffney, Martha Stone Graham, Barbara Griffith, Scott A Hayes, Katie V. A. Holcomb, Dan Holt, Anna Marie Jefferson, Stephanie Lockhart, Donna Laughlin, Pamela McCray, Gabrielle Robinson, Linda Seely, Lee Smith, April White, Cheston Williams, Katherine Hayes Windmiller

ISBN: 1719870470

ISBN-13: 978-1719870474

Cover Art by Thomas Eschbach Edited by Jason P Doherty

Find the Skiatook Writers And Poets Group on Facebook.

Anyone can submit material for possible inclusion in future editions of the Skiatook Writers And Poets Anthology. Please E-mail submissions to:

Skiatook Writers And Poets Anthology Call For Submissions Front Page Skiatook Journal

Sliatook Journal SWAP Anthology Submissions 2018

Skiatook Writers And Poets Anthology Call For Submissions

Front Page Skiatook Journal

Skiatook Journal Article Online


Summer 2018


Got a great little life going for me here I’m really grateful.

New Books by Ping Wins

New series Bizarre Science With Ping Wins sets out tomorrow Sunday Feb 18, 2018, (02/18/2018) with the first two installments: Bizarre Science 1: Terraforming, Ancient Sumerians, and the Future of Humanity, and Bizarre Science 2: Ancient Mesopotamians, Nazca Geometry, and the Future of the Universe. Bizarre Science 3 will appear March 4, 2018.

The Bizarre Science With Ping Wins books are written in the tradition of Mysteries of the Unknown, published by Time-Life books between 1987 and 1991. Since that time, many more unexplained things have occurred and been discovered. With these books, may wisdom and imagination step forth together.

Website Overhaul and New Book Projects

Completely revamped my whole site, collecting books, videos, recordings (both musical and spoken) into one place for the first time ever. For years, these things have been scattered around the web in various places, (Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc) and I have finally centralized my creative efforts.

Speaking of efforts, I have just completed the first of what should become a series with the release of Bizarre Science with Ping Wins.  It’s a non-fiction book about subjects that are usually on the outskirts of human knowledge but are also coming into the forefront of the imaginations of the curious. In it, a lot of ground is covered in a short time. Ancient Sumerians, a near-light-speed engine, colonizing Mars and terraforming, the Longyou Caves in China, and many other subjects are discussed. It’s a great little book, and a fantastic start to what I’d like to turn into a series of highly entertaining, informative, and interesting books. If you’re into science, and the mysteries of our Universe and world, check it out.

That’s all for now; I have a huge amount of reading to do before I can finish the second installment of Bizarre Science, but believe me, if the immediate reaction is any indication, (the book has instantly shot up to #1 in two categories during the free introductory period) this book and series are going to be a hit. So, cheers, and thanks for reading.

Click the link below now to check out Bizarre Science.

Skiatook Poetry ISBN-13: 978-1387208937

Screenshot_20170913-061345One of the coolest Skiatook-related books published in 2017, the Skiatook Writers And Poets Anthology 2017 Edition. (ISBN-13: 978-1387208937) Over 5 years, twenty-six people added a total of 75 works to this 185-page paperback. Local artist Thomas Eschbach painted the front and back cover.

Here’s the full list of authors:

  • Evelyn Antle
  • Anita Buckman
  • Mary Camber
  • Brittany Crawford
  • Jason P Doherty
  • Thomas Eschbach
  • Don Gardner
  • Katie V. A. Holcomb
  • Anna Marie Jefferson
  • Marilyn Joplin
  • Braxton Paul Manchester
  • Pamela McCray
  • Usa Porter
  • TJ Reyckert Manchester
  • Carolyn Katherine Reyckert Ward
  • Jeannie Reyckert
  • Justin F Shepherd
  • Lee Smith
  • Jaymi Swift
  • Cesilie Nicole Torneo
  • Erica Torneo
  • Robyn Trafton
  • Don Tucker
  • Cheston ‘Goofy Grim’ Williams
  • Kathy H Windmiller
  • The Old Man

Updated December 19, 2017 to correct typos, errors, and ommissions, this is the definitive edition of the first SWAP Anthology. Thanks to everyone who inspired, helped and guided us along the way.