Get This Great Book Free Before Anyone Else! My New Book, Magnify And Multiply launches March 4th! That’s just 10 days away!

Great news! My new book about writing, publishing and marketing for beginning authors launches in just 10 days! As part of the launch, I will be giving away free ebook copies between Feb 28th and March 3rd. To be in the running for your free copy of this extremely valuable book, go HERE and join my mailing list. I might just give the book away to everyone who joins the list. I bet that’s what I’ll do 😉MagnifyandMultiplyJasonPDoherty2017.png


This book is for ambitious writers. Magnify And Multiply is a priceless resource of ideas and methods for new and aspiring authors. Fans of Dan Poynter’s Self-Publishing Manual, Napoleon Hill’s Think And Grow Rich, and Tom Corson-Knowles Kindle Publishing Bible will love this book. Easy to read book for beginning authors and entrepreneurs, turn your passion into a profitable business.


Magnify And Multiply is a complete primer for beginning authors. You will learn about:

  • Deciding what to write.
  • How to write your book.
  • Editing
  • Formatting
  • How to create a Great Title
  • How to get a great cover made for $20 or less.
You will also learn about publishing on three different platforms, and why you should:
  • Publishing with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing aka KDP
  • Publishing promotional hardbacks with
  • Producing and publishing Audible audiobooks with Audiobook Creation Exchange aka ACX
And finally, you will learn the tools of success, including:
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Publicity
  • Advertising

When you follow these methods, you will empower yourself to create fantastic books (that could become bestsellers), increase your income according to your new business plan, and free yourself from the need to work for someone else.

If you want to write, publish, and launch your work to success, grab this book!

Video: Review of Kindle Publishing Bible by Tom Corson-Knowles

Kindle Publishing Bible:
The Kindle Publishing Bible is an essential resource for beginning authors as they branch out into publishing their own ebooks with Kindle Direct Publishing. Tom Corson-Knowles has put together an easy-to-understand guide for people who want to start publishing their own ebooks. I highly recommend this book for anyone starting out with publishing ebooks.

Cool Audiobook Collab with T. W. Ashworth Launch Tonight: Emblems

Hey, Happy Valentine’s Day 2017 Everybody

Free Emblems Ebook launch in three hours. Free for two or three days. 🙂

Free Emblems Ebook launch in three hours. Free for two or three days. 🙂


Exciting New Ebook and Audiobook Launching Teusday! Young Adult Parables With Twist Endings + Why You Should NEVER Give Up!

I’m very excited today to announce the Valentine’s Day launch of my new Ebook and Audiobook versions of my first successful book of parables, Emblems.


These stories have been developed, edited and refined over 7 years. That’s more than 2,000 days! Fortunately, I had an incredible stroke of luck when a professional voice actor T. W. Ashworth, (LA Law, Can’t Stop The Feeling video) approached me to narrate the audiobook. This is the best thing that could have happened, since it opens doors that would otherwise be very difficult for me to open. I would have never had the opportunity if I had given up a long time ago, which I never, EVER considered.

When I look back over the last decade of my life, I see that I have consistently and persistently pursued writing and publishing as a way of life and Career. That life and Career has never been more realized that it is today, and each day, I get closer to my ultimate goal of complete freedom from outside employment. The money has started coming in, and that means I am about 95% of the way there. All I need to do now is continue Magnifying and Multiplying my efforts, while at the same time, focusing on helping others to reach for and attain their own success. The idea of helping others has been welling up in me for a few years, which is one of the biggest reasons I started the site and that outlet has proven very good at fulfilling that need.


With a big year of writing and publishing ahead of me, I am very optimistic, backed up by the reality of how well things are going, and I will definitely forge ahead into the great future I know I am building for my entire family. I am creating Permanence, Independence and Freedom. This is my mission in life.

Learn to do what I do:


Emblems Audiobook is Booming!

I just registered my new audiobook of YA stories Emblems: Book One of the Allegoricon Parables with a great platform for reaching fans. It’s called AudiobookBoom! and they are going to send me leads of people requesting a copy of the audiobook.

How it works is AudiobookBoom! has a dedicated mailing list of genre-targeted fans who want to listen to and review new audiobooks. When you publish a new audiobook with ACX / AUDIBLE.COM, you receive 25 free download codes to distribute directly to any person you wish. Finding people who will definitely review your book after listening to the free copy is the best thing that could happen to your book, since Social Proof in the form of Reviews is so critical to sustained success. Audiobookboom! provides a conduit between listeners and authors.

When my book is listed, it will be included in the weekly email blast that Audiobookboom! sends out to is more than 3,000 mailing list subscribers. People who want a free copy of my audiobook, in this case, Emblems, then contact me directly, and I send them a code. They use the code to download the book for free from and after they listen, they leave a review. It’s that simple.

With the reviews these listeners provide, an author can build on that reputation and go on to generate more reviews and sales.



Launching New Website, Podcast and YouTube Channel

This past week, I’ve designed and begun launching a new platform focusing on New and Beginning Authors. The website is and features extremely important and helpful information (Mainly videos at this point) for writers who are just starting out with publishing and becoming authors. Links below: with Jason P Doherty

BeginningAuthors with Jason P Doherty YouTube Channel

I will be developing these sites and more over the next few weeks, with a possible Podcast in the works as well. I am on a personal mission to assist new authors with getting more success faster, and avoiding some of the mistakes that a lot of newbies make.

I hope that some of you enjoy the site and channel I’ve put together. Sorry for the quality of my original videos, I am doing the best I can with what I have, but better equipment will soon be in my hands to improve your viewing and learning experience.

Here’s to your success!


P.S. MAILING LIST SUBSCRIBERS! I am putting together a great package of 3 free books to be mailed out THIS WEEKEND! Thank you for your patience and I promise you are going to love these books! Thanks!

3 Free Ebooks +JPD Mailing List

I have a new mailing list. New Subscribers will get 3 of my best ebooks Free with signup.