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Skiatook Writers And Poets Anthology Call For Submissions

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Summer 2018


Got a great little life going for me here I’m really grateful.

New Books by Ping Wins

New series Bizarre Science With Ping Wins sets out tomorrow Sunday Feb 18, 2018, (02/18/2018) with the first two installments: Bizarre Science 1: Terraforming, Ancient Sumerians, and the Future of Humanity, and Bizarre Science 2: Ancient Mesopotamians, Nazca Geometry, and the Future of the Universe. Bizarre Science 3 will appear March 4, 2018.

The Bizarre Science With Ping Wins books are written in the tradition of Mysteries of the Unknown, published by Time-Life books between 1987 and 1991. Since that time, many more unexplained things have occurred and been discovered. With these books, may wisdom and imagination step forth together.

Website Overhaul and New Book Projects

Completely revamped my whole site, collecting books, videos, recordings (both musical and spoken) into one place for the first time ever. For years, these things have been scattered around the web in various places, (Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, etc) and I have finally centralized my creative efforts.

Speaking of efforts, I have just completed the first of what should become a series with the release of Bizarre Science with Ping Wins.  It’s a non-fiction book about subjects that are usually on the outskirts of human knowledge but are also coming into the forefront of the imaginations of the curious. In it, a lot of ground is covered in a short time. Ancient Sumerians, a near-light-speed engine, colonizing Mars and terraforming, the Longyou Caves in China, and many other subjects are discussed. It’s a great little book, and a fantastic start to what I’d like to turn into a series of highly entertaining, informative, and interesting books. If you’re into science, and the mysteries of our Universe and world, check it out.

That’s all for now; I have a huge amount of reading to do before I can finish the second installment of Bizarre Science, but believe me, if the immediate reaction is any indication, (the book has instantly shot up to #1 in two categories during the free introductory period) this book and series are going to be a hit. So, cheers, and thanks for reading.

Click the link below now to check out Bizarre Science.

Skiatook Poetry ISBN-13: 978-1387208937

Screenshot_20170913-061345One of the coolest Skiatook-related books published in 2017, the Skiatook Writers And Poets Anthology 2017 Edition. (ISBN-13: 978-1387208937) Over 5 years, twenty-six people added a total of 75 works to this 185-page paperback. Local artist Thomas Eschbach painted the front and back cover.

Here’s the full list of authors:

  • Evelyn Antle
  • Anita Buckman
  • Mary Camber
  • Brittany Crawford
  • Jason P Doherty
  • Thomas Eschbach
  • Don Gardner
  • Katie V. A. Holcomb
  • Anna Marie Jefferson
  • Marilyn Joplin
  • Braxton Paul Manchester
  • Pamela McCray
  • Usa Porter
  • TJ Reyckert Manchester
  • Carolyn Katherine Reyckert Ward
  • Jeannie Reyckert
  • Justin F Shepherd
  • Lee Smith
  • Jaymi Swift
  • Cesilie Nicole Torneo
  • Erica Torneo
  • Robyn Trafton
  • Don Tucker
  • Cheston ‘Goofy Grim’ Williams
  • Kathy H Windmiller
  • The Old Man

Updated December 19, 2017 to correct typos, errors, and ommissions, this is the definitive edition of the first SWAP Anthology. Thanks to everyone who inspired, helped and guided us along the way.

Sarcastic, Funny, and Real: Poetry of Katie V. A. Holcomb out Jul 25, 2017

Words Eat Words ©2017 Katie V A Holcomb Cover

Katie V. A. Holcomb is a sarcastic, funny, smart woman with a knack for writing poems that burn, tickle, and sometimes slap you. Her first book of poetry, Words Eat Words is out on her birthday, July 25, 2017 from Katie V. A. Holcomb, and jpdBooks. It’s good. Read it.

Katie is a close friend of mine, like a sister. She is an Oklahoma writer who has talked about writing a book of poetry since we met six years ago. Now, with the release of Words Eat Words, that dream is coming true for Katie, and I am happy to help her get the word out and help promote her book. It’s good! Read it.

Writing poetry is a very special thing to do, because when you write poetry, if you do it right, as Katie does, you address both the intellect and the emotions. Poetry is a synthesis of fiction and nonfiction, of art and facts. When you read a good piece of poetry, you feel as if you have encountered something unique, and that it opens a window into the soul of the person who has written it. That is how I felt when I read Words Eat Words, so I’m all about it. If you like your Margaret Atwood and Robert Frost with a side of Saul Williams and snark, check out Words Eat Words. It’s good. Read it!

Available on Kindle July 25, 2017.

Happy Birthday Katie!

Theory for Attaining Near-Light Speed Just Published: Electromagnetic Superconducting Hyperaccelerator

HyperacceleratorTheoryLightSpeedTravel.jpgYesterday, on the 70th Anniversary of the Roswell Event, I wrote and published this:

Superconducting Electromagnetic Hyperaccelerator

This device can theoretically be used to accelerate craft, composed primarily of electromagnetic material to extreme velocities, quite possible Near-Light Speed.

The Hyperacellerator is based on particle accelerator technology, adapted to increase velocity of a craft.

The device is composed of 3 primary parts: The Magnetic Field Accelerator, the Superconducting Containment Field Waveguide, and the Electromagnetic Craft.

To achieve hypervelocity: Build a large ring in space, equipped with electromagnets that are programmed to activate exactly in the manner of a traditional particle accelerator, using timed pulses to ‘push’ an Electromagnetic Craft. This first construction is the Magnetic Accelerator.

The path of the craft will be confined by the Superconducting Containment Field Waveguide. Construct two superconducting rings, larger that the particle accelerator-like ring, and position them parallel to the Magnetic Accelerator, one above, and one below the horizontal plane of the Magnetic Accelerator, as seen in the diagram on the cover of this document. This second construction will produce the Containment Field.

The Containment Field is the result of the confluence of torus-shaped diamagnetic force emanated by the two parallel superconducting rings. The Containment Field should be aligned to form the shape of a double-torus, with intersecting fields of influence. This will result in an invisible ‘groove’ of diamagnetic force, causing the accelerating Electromagnetic Craft to maintain a circular course as it accelerates.

Build an Electromagnetic Craft. The craft must be electromagnetic, in order to be accelerated by the Magnetic Accelerator, and to be trapped within the Containment Field by the Meissner Effect.

Once all 3 elements are constructed, stage the Electromagnetic Craft within the bounds of the Containment Field, in appropriate proximity to the Magnetic Accelerator. Activate the Magnetic Accelerator. The Electromagnetic Craft may require an initial ‘push’ to start it along its circular path, motivated further by the pulsing electromagnets of the Magnetic Accelerator.*

The Electromagnetic Craft will accelerate, traveling along the inside ‘groove’ caused by the confluence of vertically-adjacent torus-shaped fields present in the Containment Field.

When the desired velocity is attained, deactivate the Magnetic Accelerator. Then, to launch the Electromagnetic Craft, calculate the optimum moment to deactivate the Containment Field, sending the craft traveling towards its destination at hypervelocity, and do so.

*Velocity must be increased gradually, to prevent damaging G forces.

Thank you for reading.

Get the full ebook here FREE: