Artificial Intelligence Book in the Works

Hi mom!

I’m now working on a book about Artificial General Intelligence. For the uninitiated, AGI means artificial intelligence that can think feel and act much like a human can.

I’ve uncovered lots of questions and concerns regarding AGI and have been captivated by the subject.

This book will cover the potential advantages and disadvantages of letting these virtual lifeforms do as they please.

Title and release date are to be revealed upon completion of the manuscript.

Thanks for Reading!


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#1 on Amazon: How To Drive Like Satan

Sweet news! My new release How To Drive Like Satan has hit the #1 spot in Automotive on Amazon Kindle. Free this week!

Thanks readers!

How To Drive Like Satan on Amazon Kindle

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2 Free Kindle Books This Week: This Number Speaks and The Allegoricon

Dystopian mystery This Number Speaks AND my book of parables The Allegoricon are BOTH up for FREE this week on Kindle! These two books are very close to my heart. This Number Speaks was my first proper book, and I wrote it as I approached age 30, wishing to accomplish a life-long dream of writing a novel.

Get This Number Speaks now for FREE!

The Allegoricon is what I consider to be some of my best writing to date. I took a lot of time crafting these stories, making every effort to give them a timeless feel. They teach morals and responsibility in a classic storytelling style. Everyone who has read The Allegoricon has loved it.

Get The Allegoricon now for FREE!

Thanks for reading and have a good one!


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The Allegoricon Enters Amazon Bestseller List

Today is a great day! My book of parables The Allegoricon has entered the Amazon Bestseller List in Morals and Responsibility ebooks, coming in at #44. I’m really excited to have my first bestseller and I think I’ve made my mama very proud.πŸ™‚ To celebrate, I’ve added an additional 5 new parables and refined the formatting of the book to make it even more accessible and compatible with devices worldwide.

Also today I am formatting a new Kindle edition of my book-length parable This Number Speaks, and it should be available by Midnight, August 11th.

Thank you to everyone for reading and sharing my books! Please visit My Amazon Author PageΒ to find out more about me and my books!πŸ™‚

Thanks thanks!

The Allegoricon on Amazon Kindle

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New Book today on Amazon Kindle! The Chase!

Today I published a book on Amazon with Kindle. This is a real step forward for me, going into the ebook world pretty full force. I’m interested in seeing where this goes… Truth is, this book is about a romantic young woman, who’s just been dumped. She wants her man back and starts to make herself irresistible. First in a long line of books forcusing on Love and Relationships. Thanks for reading!

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Like crowded beauties, the words come falling, marching, crawling out of me. They push each other aside with elbows made of vowels and consonants; their hearts are in their middles, between their sounds, and those words of single letters – they are so pure, so simple and so prime.

The purpose and meaning of clocks and money, and gasoline and insurance – all these traps of world and life – they are all annihilated in this feast of understanding – this orgy of cognition. Where are the skies? Where are the animals and people? Where is the purpose under heaven at once sung about and pursued by millions and billions? I have them all on the tip of my tongue, and beneath the curves at the ends of my fingers. Where are the letters sent to mothers, the telegrams arriving from the sea? Where are the whispers in the night that convince a million mothers-to-be that its all right – that ‘we will make it somehow’, that the time is right for families to bloom and ripen into broods?

Where are my memories? Where are those visions I have lost – those dreams that I have dreamt which flashed away during eclipses of consciousness between sleep and non-sleep – between awake and non-awake?

I witnessed an eclipse last night and took a picture; when the picture had developed, I saw nothing but an eye up in the sky, and that was not the eye of god – it was the eye of I – of myself and no other, though now it becomes yours, as I share it with you. For that is the nature of story-telling: to take that which is mine, and to give willingly and without fear – to make one experience into two – yours and mine, and when there is more than one experience, it does become a phenomenon, a happening – an event or would you even whisper – advent?

We discover what my heart is filled with when I let the truth bleed down onto strange pages, filled with – not words – but lives – little lives that hush each other, vying for their opportunity to be admired, to be skimmed over briefly by sets of eyes in heads on necks on bodies that have grown up slowly over time, into beings that may comprehend their meaning. For what are words but ideas given form? And are we not the same? Are words not unlike us? We create them in the image of our thoughts – we give them the attributes of life – they grow and change over time, and eventually, all words must die. Oh yes – they are alive, and we must give them the respect that they deserve, granting them attention when they are young, nurturing them into their prime and maturity, so that when they do go to their death-books, they have each lived full and beautiful lives, full of adventure and passion. And may they each leave little words behind, that will grow and become sacred in their own rite – the offspring of ideas which came before Them, transmuting the world from a place of strangers – to a place that does not know the meaning of that word, into a place that could not be imagined – or possible – without Them.

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Mailing out this new zine titled I WANT TO SEE THE WORLD! soon…


This one is all about the places I have been and other places that I’d really love to go and visit.

Yesterday, July 9, 2013, the Skiatook Writers And Poets group, (S,W,A,P.) met for the first time at the Skiatook Public Library. The whole experience was really amazing. Met lots of incredibly interesting people and saw some great work that I’d love to get more into this month. We’ve got a new meeting scheduled for August 13. This could turn into a regular thing.

Will be tackling the subject of Mail and the Post Office in my next zine probably titled Awesome Post Office. That one might be out within a week.

Still taking sign-ups for the mailing list at

Everyone on the list gets free ebooks regularly.

Will be back before too long with more info and new writings.

As always, have fun and thank you for reading!+++



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