Skiatook Poetry ISBN-13: 978-1387208937

Screenshot_20170913-061345One of the coolest Skiatook-related books published in 2017, the Skiatook Writers And Poets Anthology 2017 Edition. (ISBN-13: 978-1387208937) Over 5 years, twenty-six people added a total of 75 works to this 185-page paperback. Local artist Thomas Eschbach painted the front and back cover.

Here’s the full list of authors:

  • Evelyn Antle
  • Anita Buckman
  • Mary Camber
  • Brittany Crawford
  • Jason P Doherty
  • Thomas Eschbach
  • Don Gardner
  • Katie V. A. Holcomb
  • Anna Marie Jefferson
  • Marilyn Joplin
  • Braxton Paul Manchester
  • Pamela McCray
  • Usa Porter
  • TJ Reyckert Manchester
  • Carolyn Katherine Reyckert Ward
  • Jeannie Reyckert
  • Justin F Shepherd
  • Lee Smith
  • Jaymi Swift
  • Cesilie Nicole Torneo
  • Erica Torneo
  • Robyn Trafton
  • Don Tucker
  • Cheston ‘Goofy Grim’ Williams
  • Kathy H Windmiller
  • The Old Man

Updated December 19, 2017 to correct typos, errors, and ommissions, this is the definitive edition of the first SWAP Anthology. Thanks to everyone who inspired, helped and guided us along the way.


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