My One-Minute Life Story

Hi, My name is Jason Patrick Doherty, and I have been a writer all my life. I am a Lifetime Member of Skiatook Writers And Poets. I also enjoy playing Stratocasters.

I was born January 20th, 1979 in Stillwater, Oklahoma to Mother Joan Merrywell St John and Father John Cabana Doherty. I have one sister named Shawn Amanda Doherty.

I started learning piano and music theory at age 5. At age 16, I started playing guitar, recording music, and dedicated my life to art and creativity.  I started writing books when I was 28.

Damien, one of my sons, his birthday is on January 1st. My other son RJ’s birthday is the day before mine. Isn’t that cool? I’m married to Weezee, whom I kept meeting over great spans of time throughout my life. She’s awesome. ❤

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