Sarcastic, Funny, and Real: Poetry of Katie V. A. Holcomb out Jul 25, 2017

Words Eat Words ©2017 Katie V A Holcomb Cover

Katie V. A. Holcomb is a sarcastic, funny, smart woman with a knack for writing poems that burn, tickle, and sometimes slap you. Her first book of poetry, Words Eat Words is out on her birthday, July 25, 2017 from Katie V. A. Holcomb, and jpdBooks. It’s good. Read it.

Katie is a close friend of mine, like a sister. She is an Oklahoma writer who has talked about writing a book of poetry since we met six years ago. Now, with the release of Words Eat Words, that dream is coming true for Katie, and I am happy to help her get the word out and help promote her book. It’s good! Read it.

Writing poetry is a very special thing to do, because when you write poetry, if you do it right, as Katie does, you address both the intellect and the emotions. Poetry is a synthesis of fiction and nonfiction, of art and facts. When you read a good piece of poetry, you feel as if you have encountered something unique, and that it opens a window into the soul of the person who has written it. That is how I felt when I read Words Eat Words, so I’m all about it. If you like your Margaret Atwood and Robert Frost with a side of Saul Williams and snark, check out Words Eat Words. It’s good. Read it!

Available on Kindle July 25, 2017.

Happy Birthday Katie!


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