Theory for Attaining Near-Light Speed Just Published: Electromagnetic Superconducting Hyperaccelerator

HyperacceleratorTheoryLightSpeedTravel.jpgYesterday, on the 70th Anniversary of the Roswell Event, I wrote and published this:

Superconducting Electromagnetic Hyperaccelerator

This device can theoretically be used to accelerate craft, composed primarily of electromagnetic material to extreme velocities, quite possible Near-Light Speed.

The Hyperacellerator is based on particle accelerator technology, adapted to increase velocity of a craft.

The device is composed of 3 primary parts: The Magnetic Field Accelerator, the Superconducting Containment Field Waveguide, and the Electromagnetic Craft.

To achieve hypervelocity: Build a large ring in space, equipped with electromagnets that are programmed to activate exactly in the manner of a traditional particle accelerator, using timed pulses to ‘push’ an Electromagnetic Craft. This first construction is the Magnetic Accelerator.

The path of the craft will be confined by the Superconducting Containment Field Waveguide. Construct two superconducting rings, larger that the particle accelerator-like ring, and position them parallel to the Magnetic Accelerator, one above, and one below the horizontal plane of the Magnetic Accelerator, as seen in the diagram on the cover of this document. This second construction will produce the Containment Field.

The Containment Field is the result of the confluence of torus-shaped diamagnetic force emanated by the two parallel superconducting rings. The Containment Field should be aligned to form the shape of a double-torus, with intersecting fields of influence. This will result in an invisible ‘groove’ of diamagnetic force, causing the accelerating Electromagnetic Craft to maintain a circular course as it accelerates.

Build an Electromagnetic Craft. The craft must be electromagnetic, in order to be accelerated by the Magnetic Accelerator, and to be trapped within the Containment Field by the Meissner Effect.

Once all 3 elements are constructed, stage the Electromagnetic Craft within the bounds of the Containment Field, in appropriate proximity to the Magnetic Accelerator. Activate the Magnetic Accelerator. The Electromagnetic Craft may require an initial ‘push’ to start it along its circular path, motivated further by the pulsing electromagnets of the Magnetic Accelerator.*

The Electromagnetic Craft will accelerate, traveling along the inside ‘groove’ caused by the confluence of vertically-adjacent torus-shaped fields present in the Containment Field.

When the desired velocity is attained, deactivate the Magnetic Accelerator. Then, to launch the Electromagnetic Craft, calculate the optimum moment to deactivate the Containment Field, sending the craft traveling towards its destination at hypervelocity, and do so.

*Velocity must be increased gradually, to prevent damaging G forces.

Thank you for reading.

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