New Book ‘Pretty Rich’ by Ping Wins to be Published May 5, 2017

Pretty Rich Romance ©2017 by Ping Wins and Jason P Doherty.jpg.jpgHi Everyone, I’m publishing a new book titled Pretty Rich under my pen name Ping Wins coming up on May 5, 2017, Cinco De Mayo.

This will be the first proper book by Ping Wins. I published another book under this name last year, but have withdrawn that title, as it just wasn’t really what I wanted to do with Ping. But this new book, Pretty Rich, it is a small town romance between a rich woman from out-of-town and a mechanic from in-town. The main character’s names are Rose and Sam.

Rose has a lot of rich girl problems, like a bad relationship with her mother, who controls all the money.

Sam has very few small town problems, but one of them is his solitary lifestyle. He doesn’t really trust relationships, and keeps to himself, to the detriment of his own loneliness.

When Rose’s expensive car breaks down in the town of Arrowhead, Oklahoma, where Sam is the resident mechanic, the two meet and Rose decides to delay her return home. Back home, Rose’s mother, Cascia, is not happy at all that her ritzy daughter is getting mixed up with some mechanic from the middle of nowhere.

Will Rose be able to get over her preconceptions about Sam? Will Sam embrace or reject his own attraction to Rose? This might be the beginning of a small town romance series set in the fictional town of Arrowhead, Oklahoma.

Available on Amazon Kindle May 5, 2017.


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