Emblems Audiobook is Booming!

I just registered my new audiobook of YA stories Emblems: Book One of the Allegoricon Parables with a great platform for reaching fans. It’s called AudiobookBoom! and they are going to send me leads of people requesting a copy of the audiobook.

How it works is AudiobookBoom! has a dedicated mailing list of genre-targeted fans who want to listen to and review new audiobooks. When you publish a new audiobook with ACX / AUDIBLE.COM, you receive 25 free download codes to distribute directly to any person you wish. Finding people who will definitely review your book after listening to the free copy is the best thing that could happen to your book, since Social Proof in the form of Reviews is so critical to sustained success. Audiobookboom! provides a conduit between listeners and authors.

When my book is listed, it will be included in the weekly email blast that Audiobookboom! sends out to is more than 3,000 mailing list subscribers. People who want a free copy of my audiobook, in this case, Emblems, then contact me directly, and I send them a code. They use the code to download the book for free from Audible.com and after they listen, they leave a review. It’s that simple.

With the reviews these listeners provide, an author can build on that reputation and go on to generate more reviews and sales.




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