Writers Block Dies on YouTube With Crazy Book Ideas

People with Writer’s Block can find free, unique ideas for book projects on my new YouTube channel, Crazy Book Ideas. I have way too many book ideas to produce all of them, so I will be giving some of my best ideas away for free on this Creative Commons channel. Every video will detail ideas for books that are completely free for anyone to develop into real stories, books, etc. with no obligation whatsoever to me.

However, if you DO write a bestseller based on one of my ideas and you decide to send me a thank you check, I won’t have any problems cashing it! 😉 J/k, but a mention somewhere in the credits or something would be sweet, but that is in no way required.

Without further ado, here is the first Crazy Book Ideas video:


5 thoughts on “Writers Block Dies on YouTube With Crazy Book Ideas

  1. Thanks, brother! This is something I’ve thought about for a long time, for about two years now. At first, it started out as an idea to create a book full of book ideas, but that seemed a little too… meta. So just the other day it occurred to me that I could do the same thing with a youtube channel, and voila! So yeah, I’m excited about getting these ideas out there, I’m gonna get myself a much better camera and microphone, but I guess you already know… nothing can stop me now! Thanks for sticking with me. This is going to be fun. 🙂


  2. Happy to tag along for the ride… hopefully with some useful criticism/suggestion now and then! 😉
    I don’t think it says so in the Bible.. but it should! “My brother’s success is my success!”

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  3. Absolutely! Everyone, atheists included, says they agree with it but precious few actually do it (accurately) on every possible occasion 😦 (Do to them as you want them do to you).

    First suggestion: Got the idea from another blog i comment on and a subsequent reply.

    A story about a world where technology is causing massive unemployment requiring a radical upheaval of long held ideas on work and how humans identify with it and need it for survival as they no longer hunt or grow their own food but need money to pay someone (increasingly a someTHING) else to supply it.
    The solution comes in the form of a new form of employment that meets some common human need, one that machines will not do for us. One that proportionally rewards a person’s effort and level of usefulness in the ‘job’. One that encourages personal development in all aspects of our behaviour including the spiritual, if so chosen by an individual. The work also unites all of humanity into working (voluntarily, but with a living wage) for both the common good and personal well-being, ending the need for war and inter-nation/society competition.

    The Twist is it took the development of an Artificial Super-Intelligence before humans were able, through it’s ideas and guidance, to design the Work and it’s introduction to, and take-up by, our society.

    Hmmmm.. i might even start writing that one myself! 😉

    Feel free to share/video the idea if you like – there’s no copyright/restriction unless and until i finish writing the novel 🙂

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