Working With NBC Star on New Audiobook Plus Future Releases

NEWS:  AI Civil Rights has been given the Audible audiobook treatment, narrated by the young and British Harry Benjamin. His thoughtful, brisk and direct delivery is the perfect match for this insightful essay on the future of technology. I have 23 free download codes. Email me if you’d like one! The audiobook is also free to new members, btw.

Even better news is the upcoming release of my first proper storybook: Emblems – Book One of the Allegoricon Parables, in ebook and audiobook formats. I’m very excited to have T. W. Ashworth aboard as my narrator. Mr. Ashworth is a successful actor with numerous high-profile performances and associations filling his resume. You may have seen him dancing in Justin Timberlake’s music  video, Can’t Stop The Feeling. I have heard the first 20 minutes of Mr. Ashworth’s narration, and it is dynamite! He is giving so much life and color to these tales!


Next, 2 more volumes, Symbols, and Signs, will complete the Allegoricon Parables. They are already written.

Also, I am finishing up my Self-Publishing guidebook for beginners, titled Magnify And Multiply: Everything Your Mama Never Told You About Self-Publishing, Publicity, and Sales, to be released on or before March 4, 2017.


And lastly, here is… My New Amazon Bio:

Jason P Doherty spent the last decade writing and publishing books, playing Stratocasters, and deciding what to do with his life. Then he co-founded the Skiatook Writers And Poets of Northeastern Oklahoma with his wife, Alicia. Before all that, in college, Jason studied Writing, Sociology, Psychology, Meteorology, and Astronomy.

In 2016, he wrote AI Civil Rights, his first successful book. This was turned into an audiobook in January 2017, and also spawned the blog That same month, Jason’s next book, Emblems went into production as an audiobook, narrated by NBC’s Thomas W. Ashworth. For help with publishing and marketing, and news about upcoming books, visit Jason’s personal blog at


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