Hey, Hello there, hi, greetings!
  Today I’m sending out this new e-zine called HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO SKIATOOK?, that tells all about my current home town / city / place of residence etc. This is a little country town that is turning into a city slowly but surely. Everyone I know is pretty chill and I stay out of trouble for the most part. There are some cool shops here and some really great and amazing people that I can really call my friends. A lot of cool stuff happens here, if you know where to look or make it happen. Either way, I call Skiatook home and its a nice place if you want it to be. Like any place, I guess.

To get the free ezine, HAVE YOU EVER BEEN TO SKIATOOK?, sign up for my email list by sending an email to thirtyseven@live.com with the subject heading, “ADD ME!” and I’ll add you!.Than I’ll send you the eine for free, followed by other free stuff as it gets finished and mailed.

Hope you dig it and I’ll be back sooner or later with more stuff and things and items and downloads, etc. Thank you for reading!

P.O. BOX 745

To subscribe to Jason P Doherty’s mailing list and receive free ebooks, recordings, etc. please email thirtyseven@live.com with the subject heading: ‘ADD ME!’
To unsubscribe from Jason P Doherty’s mailing list and receive nothing further, please email thirtyseven.webs.com with the subject heading ‘NOT ME!’
Thank you! +++


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