greetHELLOings and The Allegoricon



Last month, readers were introduced to greetHELLOings the new book from JASON P DOHERTY, that’s me (its my company’s name too.) Interest was instantaneous and the book started climbing the charts. It has since taken weekly jumps of thousands of places and is currently above the 25,000 mark. That’s out of over a million books on lulu.

Click here to check out greetHELLOings now:


Artists can learn from and enjoy the work that went into greetHELLOings on many levels. The text includes lots of new and innovative typing experiments created with old-fashioned typewriters and there are some interesting correspondence experiments as well including The Sundy Paper, which is a correspondence collage, (Several letters to different people typed on one page and mailed out to every person on the page) and JUNKMAIL a typeing-experiments and counterculture newsletter originally on letter-sized paper, then on postcards and now in its 3G incarnation, JUNKMAIL DELUXE, which is a digital edition available to readers via email at Subject heading: JUNKMAIL


In August, you will be getting a first look at my new book, THE ALLEGORICON, a book of parables and fables that have been inspired by true life events and the stories of The Brothers Grimm, and Aesop’s Fables, as well as Bible Stories and Greek Legends.


You van visit my site for weekly audio recordings of my writings and for updates on what you can expect in the future.


Thanks for reading this, you’re awesome!



About Jason P Doherty

Experimental author from Oklahoma. Feeder of cats. MAILING ADDRESS: JASON P DOHERTY P.O. Box 745 Skiatook, Oklahoma 74070 USA
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